Platform One for abstraction, curiosity and appreciation

bookshelfI knew at once that it was one of those books. I was grazing along my bookshelves, a constant source of agitation to my librarian husband as they have books lodged at all angles with no apparent classification or logical system. I’ve tried various ways to approach some kind of order: colour, size, topic, usage factor, reference, fiction, hardback, but they elude me. I think the chance of discovery outweighs any benefits of orderliness.

 Running my hand along the spines, I randomly pull a handful forward at an angle of 45 degrees to reveal my book ‘stack.’  Library ‘stacks’ are often rows and  rows of very close bookshelves, dark and mystical places of lost and forgotten words.

 Funny how memory works  as I suddenly recall a Neil Diamond  lyric:

You got me waiting out in the back

Under a stack

Stuck in a bin

You been keeping me in

High on the shelf all by myself

Feeling like I’m doing time

Under a sign

That reads Forgotten

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