Sloshing about in dilemma puddles: getting in touch with your research topic

My dissertation students appear denuded of their initial enthusiasm, motivation and energy for their literature review topic. Could it be that they’re sloshing around in Piatanida and Garman’s  ‘dilemma puddles;’ having come face to face with with the very iterative nature of research. Whatever our source of research ideas we generally ‘just want to get on with it.’ But our sloshing has a purpose. Our research ideas often stem from profound indignations with events, injustices and wanting to bring about change. On the other hand it may just be a nagging feeling, a sense of knowing but not quite being able to articulate what it is that’s niggling away inside our heads. Either way, Aveyard believes that out of our sloshing comes explicit, clear, simple, realistic, unambiguous, focussed but not too narrow, answerable research topics/questions. Continue reading