One step at a time

I’m not sure of my reason for this, but in December 2013 I set up a Twitter account. Previously, I might have looked and thought that’s something for the future, perhaps even when I retire. Curiosity got the better of me this time and, I’m hooked. I know that previously I’d rather enjoyed a sense of anonymity, even invisibility in the social media world, no Facebook or LinkedIn. But now my Twitter self is real and out there in the Twittersphere. It makes me feel a little crazy as this is not what I do!

However, as you can see I am not only learning to walk and talk in the Twittersphere I’m also ‘cruising’ the blogging galaxy. In the way that infants move around upright while holding onto furniture as they’re learning to walk, I’m holding onto my paper and pen. I am at the playing and enjoying stage, but is there, or should there be anything else? I am already beginning to feel that there might be, and that I will soon want to exchange my large, bright building blocks for jigsaws, Lego or even discover their online equivalents. Continue reading