Pedagogical paradox and a daydream believer

I’ve had to turn my back on writing. Flashes inspire, disturb and disrupt. Shapes lethargically appear on the page, unoriginal and strung out like socks on a washing line; disconnected, dark, empty. A real paradox as my mind is full of whizzing thoughts, ideas, moments, experiences but as Roald Dahl’s BFG explains “I’ve been gobblefunking around with words and cannot be squibbling the whole gropflunking dream on a titchy bit of paper.” ( Continue reading

Aporia……lost in transition

It was my twitter mentor, @alisoniredale. Unknowingly, she was the catalyst that caused my growing sense of confusion, panic and considerable disorientation. Just imagine, there I was playing with and enjoying twitter, feeling a little more comfortable in my solitary play mode, see January blog. When, suddenly and unexpectedly I realise that I’m engaging in a conversation. Questions were posed, but who to? I immediately felt unsure, a little confused. Continue reading