Slow down you move too fast – Literature reviews

I met with a small group of BSc (Hons) students today to talk about their dissertations. Eight thousand words to select and craft in just over 6 months instills a sense of urgency, and, I’m encouraging them to ‘slow down.’ I could see the disbelief and panic etched on their faces as they’re keen to get going. After all, it’s just one of many assignments they’re currently juggling. I’ve overheard some in the wider student group state that they’ve already got most of the articles they need, so imagine how my little group felt. I hope going through some of the plentiful information they have and sharing a few tips has helped allay some of ¬†their initial concerns. Continue Reading


Withitness and mobile phones in my classroom

I am in a classroom. It would be pointless to say everything is fine, because it isn’t. It’s noisy, which I like. A buzz of conversation, dialogue and exchange is interrupted by the hushed vibrations of mobile phones. Messages and e-mails are opened and read, images shared with desk neighbours and replies crafted in the subterranean space under the desks.¬† Continue Reading