A penny for your thoughts: What colour is my feedback?

It was like being hit by a sharp object! I was wrestling with how to give feedback comments on a creative and inspirational form of student assessment, a mind map! Vivid, creative, astonishing, individual, quirky and informative mind maps left me feeling that my usual form of written feedback was colourless and totally inadequate. It fell short!
How and why my head went into colour-mode I can’t fathom, nonetheless it did and here’s a snapshot of my colour focussed thoughts and scribbles.

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VOICE: Audio feedback

Yes, there were a few minor technical hitches to overcome and I felt that I needed to know a little more about what I was preparing to do. Oh, how my pattern of having an idea, following it with investigation, preparation and application is so ingrained! OK, anyway, I found some ‘How to’ advice and a small number of positive evaluations so yes, I decided to go for it….audio feedback on student assessments.

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