Knitting and Naked garden at my local library

I’m sat in my local library space. Why, because my internet provider informs me that I’m near my data usage allowance of 40Gb. Apparently my usual use averages out at 19 and I’ve no idea why I’ve exceeded that this  month. Anyway, the clock starts ticking again from 00.01 tomorrow, yipee! I find all this confusing as I’ve followed the link to check my usage and it’s still steadily on the increase even though I’m not using it. Having been brought up in the ‘austerity britain’ of the 50’s I find myself reluctant to upgrade or pay extra for a few Gb. Also I sense pressure to upgrade as the large button on the warning e-mail is bright pink and centrally situated.

I’ve gotten used to getting out of the house and popping to the library. I can plug in my laptop, connect my phone and be entertained by the comings and goings during the mornings. Yesterday, a knitting group appeared at a desk not far away, and, families appeared to be outside making stuff in a little enclosed garden (it’s called the Naked garden) as it’s a space between the library and the integrated cafe. And, I’ve only heard one very unhappy child.

I choose my spot carefully so as to be away from the plugged-in computers and to have a side on view to the hills not far away. It’s surprising how noisy supermarket carrier bags are in such space.  Yesterday, I found myself noticing the odd assortment of topics around my space. It’s a non-fiction space and I appear to have Beethoven on my left, Terry Pratchett straight ahead, Edith Piaf on my right and oh so many guides to management and leadership behind me. I am rather gobsmacked at the number of these which seem to affirm the deficits in our thinking and actions.

A must listen is BBC Radio 4’s ‘Inside Science’ programme for a discussion on how art has influenced the development and potential uses of graphene. It’s about 7 minutes in but the entire 30 minutes is really worth a listen: graphene and the art of origami.

library desk

My library table looks like this at the moment. How amazing that Sean Scully should take photographs of the stone walls of Aran, just beautiful. The one I’m taking home is “Ordinary Men’ which chronicles accounts of a german reserve police unit ordered to liquidate Jewish villages. My challenge is to read something I wouldn’t normally choose.

Whoever selects the special display books has a sense of humour alright.library juxtaposition


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