annie’s butterfly mind

I love being retired. To be honest it’s arrived earlier than I ever anticipated or expected.  A few months in I have done a little part-time work (marking and teaching), but love how my retired days are spaces for learning new stuff.  I make lists of events and information that occur during my days, notes of things I want to follow-up on and, when I think I have something to write about scratch out a little reflective blog. When I recently created a drawing from one of my lists I realised how much information, new learning and texture there is in my new retirement space. I learn a lot every day. And when I say a lot, I mean A LOT!

I’ve thought about keeping a log, a portfolio, and even set up a journal in the way of Ian Progoff, but it’s just too much. It’s way too organised for someone with a butterfly mind. Meanwhile pieces of paper are accumulating. I know I’m learning lots but I feel that I would like to record it somewhere, somehow. So I’ve decided to use my blog as a way of connecting and recording this learning.

Here goes and, thanks for reading my blog.



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